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Learning House Preschool is the second home of many young learners who aspire to make their mark in our history. Guided by our Montessorian philosophy, we offer a learner-centered curriculum that utilizes age-appropriate activities to build a sound foundation for experiential and lifelong learning. Our educators strive to provide our young learners with a nurturing environment where they feel confident to explore their interests and make friends.

We endeavor to build a strong and respectable relationship among parents and guardians. We provide them with valuable support in child-rearing and early childhood education as we meet their little one’s individual needs. They also play a vital role in their child’s success which is why we make sure to share their little one’s milestones with them.

Our Programs


Math is one of the most important subjects that children will encounter throughout their lives. Research shows preschool math skills are a strong predictor of future academic success.


Curriculum that will spark curiosity and empower little minds through experiments, STEM projects, and age-appropriate interactive activities.


Preschool reading programs play a pivotal role in developing reading and writing skills. Our phonics curriculum has proven that most kids can graduate from our preschool at an advanced level.

Life Skills

Along with our curriculum, preschoolers have the opportunity to enhance their life skills. Some of the life skills children learn are sewing, cooking, cleaning, and weaving. These skills help enhance positive personality traits.

Physical Education

Physical activities include outdoor play, gymnastics, and yoga. We offer a large playground for children to get plenty of exercise. In addition, we have a large gymnastics and indoor recess class for kids to develop better coordination and body awareness skills. We also offer yoga classes to help kids develop focus and concentration.

Nap Time

Learning House Preschool offers rest time between 1 PM-3 PM. This provides an opportunity for the children to recharge themselves.

Stay Connected

If you need us to discuss with you further details on our center and the programs we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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